How it works

I will design a website that reflects your personal or business message clearly and creatively. I will listen to your needs and give you a site that conveys your message in a beautiful and easy to navigate format.

Sometimes all of the information is on the website but visitors are still lost or asking the same questions over and over. Other times my clients just don't even know where to start. I'm here to listen to your ideas and develop a website that conveys your message while making it easy for visitors to find the information they need to find.

Nobody knows your business like you do so I will need a clear vision from you. What are your goals for the site? Why are you creating, or updating, a website? What do you want people to learn from your site?

I also depend on the material you provide. I do not write the copy for your website. I can provide some resources for high quality, royalty free images if you need them.

Once I have the vision and the content I get down to creating. I usually have a first draft ready for you within a week. Then it's up to you to review the site and give me detailed feedback on any changes you want. This is the time for you to be ultra picky. The more details you provide the better I am able to give you the website you desire. Changes can include color or font changes, layout changes, photo changes, etc.

I will take your feedback and make the changes then I will ask for you to look it over one more time. This is the time to fine tune, looking for typos or small wording changes, strange spacing issues in paragraphs, etc.

After the site is ready I will create training videos for you. I will show you how to sign into the dashboard of your site, how to edit or add new pages, and update plugins. After I provide your training videos, you will have full control of the site and all the updates. I will be available for maintenance issues resulting from plugin or theme updates, etc for the first 2 weeks. Please reach out for help if you need it. I can also provide ongoing site maintenance. Just let me know if you want a quote. 

Questions about getting started? Drop me a line to find out more!

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