You have questions, I can provide some answers.  Below are a few commonly asked questions. If you have a question that isn't answered here just submit the form at the bottom of the page and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 

I will design and develop a custom 5-page website using WordPress. I use the Beaver Builder theme and plugin to make it easier for you to edit your site later. I provide the first year product license for the plugins. After one year you can continue to use the plugins but you will need to renew the licenses to receive updates and support from the developers.

Unless otherwise specified, the website I develop for you will be a standard 5-page site. E-commerce (online shopping) and membership sites are not included but let me know what you need and I will send you a quote.

I include the first year of product licensing but you will be responsible for renewing the license after the first year. These are generally not too expensive but if you are concerned please let me know and I can get you the renewal pricing from the developer.

I do not write copy for your site. I do not provide images unless agreed upon before the start of the project

If I have all of the content and you've given me a clear design plan, I can have the first draft ready in about a week.

There are many things that can delay the development of a website. Lack of clear communication and waiting for content are the 2 biggest issues that can delay the site. Having all of your content ready will help keep the waiting time to a minimum.

We use the word content to mean the words and images on your site. This includes business slogans, logos, and documents.

Most clients write their own copy. No one knows your business like you do! If you are not able to write your own copy, there are resources available if you need to hire a copywriter. Check your local college or university for a business or marketing student looking to make some extra money. There are also online services that can help you. There are many websites for free stock images. Please make sure to check the licensing agreements as some require attribution.

Images used on websites need to be crisp, clear, and high quality. Nothing ruins a great website faster than poor quality images. That being said, most smartphones do have a camera capable of taking high-quality photos so you can take them yourself. I recommend using a large screen to look at the photos you've taken. Many times the photos on your cell phone look OK on the small screen but once they are on the bigger screen they will be blurry. I will use the images you provide, but I will definitely let you know if they less than ideal.

I would love to see the sites that you love but I won't copy another site. I will, however, take the pieces of different websites you love and incorporate the ideas into your website.

I require a 50% deposit upon booking. This is refundable up until the time I start the design process. I will start the design process as soon as I receive all of your content.

The balance will be due when the site is done and before I provide your training videos.

Questions about getting started? Drop me a line to find out more!

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