Dalhousie Castle

Dalhousie Castle

Left Edinburgh at about 11 heading to Dalhousie castle for our night in the castle suite. We took the train and ended up missing our stops... not our fault... stupid train door did not open in time for us to get out. So we rode to the end of the line and back to our stop. Only an hour or so out of the way. It was raining by the time we got off at Newtongrange so we called the castle to send a taxi. We stood in the rain for 30 minutes until the driver showed up. We were at the castle in 10 minutes. And thankfully, even though we were early, our room was ready.



You all know that it took me ages and ages and much research to find a "real" Castle for us to stay in and we finally chose Dalhousie for a pretty penny. I just have to say it was WORTH EVERY DAMN PENNY! Can I just reiterate? WORTH.EVERY.DAMN.PENNY!










We were lead from the main floor through a side door and down a curved staircase, along a hallway to our door. We opened it up and went into a really nice modern living room but for the musty smell. There was a small doorway in the far wall and as soon as I glanced up the stairs I knew this was everything I wished for. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.












Rosslyn Chapel

After we dropped off our bags the taxi had come to take us to Rosslyn Chapel. Unfortunately there is no photography allowed inside so only pictures of the outside. It was quite incredible. A side note... there is a tuxedo cat named William that lives there.


After Rosslyn Chapel we went back to Dalhousie and walked around the outside of the castle. A-MAZ-ING! When we can entered the castle again, we met Andrew who must be at least 75-80 years old. He told us a wonderful history of Scotland. He was wearing the full dress kilt with sporran and jacket. He was there to play the bagpipes for the wedding occurring that day. Apparently he's been there for over 30 years and when we asked about him later, we were told we were very lucky to catch him. He was so adorable we wanted to take him with us when we left.






We stopped at the falconry and talked to one of the handlers. She was feeding one of the owls (baby chicks...eew) and let us watch. She said this bird had been "on vacation" and now needed to get used to eating in front of people again. Very cool.




Dinner was quite an experience. We started in the Library for drinks and canapes. Um... something pea soup with foam atop? And a Parmesan cracker thing, and olives.



They take your order upstairs so we perused the menu and chose our 3 courses. Then we were taken from the library down through the lobby to The Dungeon. Pause for dramatic effect....




The food was interesting. Definitely way fancier than anything I'd had before. Smoked salmon with leek something as the appetizer.



Then halibut with crab something and sauce. It was actually good even thought they messed up our order. Christy is allergic to shellfish so she requested none on hers. They mixed up the order and she ended up with the crab and me without. So they quickly rectified the problem and brought her a new dinner. While we waited, she went back to our room to take Bendryl. When she came back she asked if I had left the TV on. I had not. She said when she got to our room the cabinet was was open and TV on. Turns out that there was turn down service but for a good while we were convinced it was a ghost. And by "we" I meant I was trying to convince Christy because I SO wanted the castle to be haunted.

After our main course we had dessert. Well... we ordered dessert and our server Ben (I'm taking him home with me, he was very sweet) brought us "pre-dessert". It was a mango passion fruit jelly with pop rocks layered on and covered in creme fr├Ęche. I'm not kidding when I say it was an amazing experience. Very tart but the pop rocks were a surprise as he called them pop candy and I didn't understand him when he said pop so I only heard candy.

Then we had dessert dessert.... I had lemon curd with meringue and Christy had apple parfait over walnut cake. Both were excellent.




Unfortunately the previously mentioned wedding party went on until past midnight and this traveler got about 4 hours sleep. And tonight I can't blame it on Christy 's snoring.

We got up early and had breakfast in The Orangery. It was beautiful but we left the phones on the charger so no photos. Sorry. As we were just finishing packing there was a fire alarm so that was our cue to leave. Checkout was smooth and the taxi dropped us back off at the train station.

Back to Edinburgh and then on to Glasgow to meet up with my wonderful friends Margaret and Cathy. They are both coming to see me and I could not be more excited.

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