Captain’s Log stardate 17 June


Captain's log, this place is strange..there are gorgeous buildings that are hundreds if not thousands of years old. The natives here speak a mix of what I can only call English and some sort of Scottish brogue that I can sometimes only catch every second to third word of. Even with that they seem to be very nice and warm people. The scenery here is so lush and green it seems at times to be rolling carpets of emerald that the rain that comes to supply it with it's amazingly green color. It has rained every day since we arrived and in Edinburgh it was thankfully absent for some of day during our open air bus tour and the Edinburgh Castle. We took a night graveyard and underground tour where Scotland performed as it should with a light drizzle, fog and a tour guild that was amazing! We had so much fun and loved the stories and ambience that the tour provided. Tomorrow this ship will head in the direction of Roslyn Chapel and Dalhousie Castle....this adventure is off to a great start.


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